Kokosing River 

11x14" Silver Gelatin Prints

May 2014

Gambier, Ohio

As a highly detail oriented person, texture has always been something I’ve wanted to explore in photography. Because of the precise nature of using a large format camera, this seemed like the opportune time to play with various textures of the Kokosing River. I wanted to focus on the micro textures created by the slightest movement of water—be it a ripple or a rapid. It was my mission to compose images that rendered the water almost completely abstracted, sometimes even unrecognizable. This portfolio truly pushed me to see something concrete and representational, such as water, as a wealth of texture, form, and shade. In our hectic world, few people stop to admire the subtleties of nature and the beauty of something minute and seemingly insignificant. I think that if more people slowed down enough to notice this type of beauty, the world would be a much happier place.