On Skin 

Invisible thread, dried pig intestin

February 2016

Glasgow, UK

There is a dichotomy that exists in the body. Relatively, we are exceptionally fragile. There is an amazingly limited sphere in which we can exist—in a finite climate, with a precise combination of a specific set of chemicals and enzymes, in a lifespan with an inevitable end. But while homeostasis in principle seems impossible, we are astoundingly resilient: stronger by far in practice than in theory. This dichotomy exists in varying levels for everyone: each of us is isolated and differentiated, unique and contained. This physical solitude is what I am most interested in. We know precisely where our body ends and where everything else begins. We are confined and enclosed—reaching only the extremities of what we call “us.” This piece deals with both the fragility but also the strength of skin, of the physical barrier between the Us and the Everything Else.