Sand, invisible thread, rocks

April 2017

Gambier, Ohio

The kind of thing most people walk by, or step on, or brush off, holds for me a kind of distinct beauty. A grain of sand is thoroughly unremarkable—invisible, even, on its own. Two grains of sand are little more than that, easily brushed away by the sweep of a hand. A hundred grains of sand is a small handful, weightier but still inconsequential. A thousand? Ten thousand? Tiny, miniscule, insignificant on its own, a grain of sand takes on a larger identity as a minute but vital piece of a greater whole.

With this kind of repetitive process, there comes an attention for detail that ultimately requires an acceptance of imperfection. Each thread is made and hung individually with the larger rectangular form as a blueprint. The thread is measured as is the individual distances between each grain of sand. In addition to its elementary characteristics, sand has powerful associations with time. It was my goal to create a moment improbably defiant of the forward momentum of time, where the sand appears suspended in a captured instant. 

Edited by Alex Hartley